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The Rules.

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Important The Rules.

Post by KarmaChameleon on Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:40 pm

Rule No. 1 - Flaming, Bashing, and Trolling
Hate posts and personal attacks will not be tolerated on VirtualKid. Treat others on these message boards as you would expect them to treat you. Posting topics specifically designed to provoke a negative response from someone (aka trolling) is also asked to be avoided. There are however some posts that will cause debates that may offend you. If you are easily offended by discussions about race, religion, and other highly opinionated topics we suggest you stay out of those topics.

Rule No. 2 - No 'Spamming'
Purposely spamming a message board with senseless, vacuous, or empty messages to gain a higher post count, or just to annoy others is HIGHLY frowned upon! Commercial spamming and advertising are just as unwelcome, double posting is allowed to an extent.

Rule No. 3 - Impersonating Other Users / Accessing Another User('s) Account
You may not impersonate another board member or create an account specifically for the purpose of provoking other users. Also, accessing or using someone else's account or attempting to access another poster's account is strictly prohibited. You will be banned.

Rule No. 4 - Piracy, and Warez
Absolutely no warez. Linking or giving information about any site that distributes illegal software, or warez, seeking help to circumvent any copyright laws, or encouraging software or media piracy is grounds for an immediate ban.

Rule No. 5 - Nudity
This is a public forum. No one here is 21 or older, unless told different, so no one should be naked.
Rule No. 6 - Mod Positions
Don't ask to be one. When we need them, we will ask.

Rule No. 7 - Report Button
Please note that the report button was made for reporting bad posts only. Please do not abuse this button to get attention to your thread/other threads, or try to get faster support.

Rule No. 8 - Requesting Support
Before asking for support ensure that you read the sticky topics placed throughout the forums. Chances are your query will be answered and will save staff and members time in answering repeated questions.

Rule no. 9 - Age Limits
Unfortunately, this is supposed to be just for adolescents helping each other. So the limit on here is 13-19.

Rule no. 10 - Respect Each other.
This is a help website, so let's not bash.

Rule no. 11. - NO BULLYING
I know it was kind of expressed before but I will not tolerate bullying at all.

Rule no. 12- Lying
Do not lie about anything on here. We give advice, only if we have experience. I can find out some things by looking at your profile. Watch out.

Rule no. 13- Bumping
Bumping is posting in a thread where the last post was at least 3 months old.

Rule no. 14- Personal Messages
Private Messaging: -Currently, you must have  posts 5 to have the capability to PM (Private Message) members. If you have under 5 posts, you may only PM staff members. - If you are found to be posting spam simply to be able to use the PM system, your posts will be deleted and you may be warned by a staff member and infracted if you continue to do it a second time. - If you feel that somebody that has messaged you has abused the private messaging system (see below) you can screen shot the message and send it over and there will be an investigation launched.

- Abuse of Private Messaging 1. Soliciting of any of the following: cyber sex, camming, inappropriate picture trading, inappropriate questions of a sexual nature, asking for phone numbers and other personal information. 2. Asking for Instant Messaging addresses with the intention of doing anything in section 1. 3. Harassment and trolling through the PM system will not be allowed, and if you are reported for it, an Administrator will start a secret investigation.

Abuse of private messaging via section 1 or section 2 will result in your account being permanently banned, no exceptions.

Abuse of private messaging via section 3 will result in one of the following: a warning, suspension of your private messaging abilities, an infraction, or banning, depending on the severity of the case and your prior history of behavior.

Rule no. 15- Listen to staff
If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, please stop.

Rule no. 16- No personal information
Do not use this website to ask people for personal information.

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