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You know the drill

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You know the drill

Post by foamy on Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:15 pm

"Betrayed" I believe that this is my most explicit one yet.

C: (x2)
Waste the hours of the night away
My only desire is to be amazed
But I can't be when I've been betrayed

I have heard everything I needed to
And I don't need anything more from you
Everything you've said wasn't true
I don't want you around anymore
It's not like I haven't heard it before 
This is the shit that I abhor
You lied to me just like a whore
Get out of here so I can slam this door
Right in your face bitch you know what's in store
You aren't worth my time this time
Capital letter starting this line
Give me the independence that is fucking mine
I cuss like a sailor that's my wording
Too bad your lies left me hurting
You said them cuz you knew they were working
You put on a clinic for spitting lies
I created the clinic for vicious word mines
Mine field that extends out of my mind
You the bitch that shows how to hate
I'm the hero in this story saving face
But deep down I'm the one feeling betrayed

C: (x2)

I want you out so I have the view
Of how life is without feeling the blues
Shit I take some shits nicer than you
Let me show you some of the pain
That I've endured while lookin out the windowpane 
Look see it? Those are binds, some chains
I'm done being your toy, some plaything
That you manipulate, I won't cling
Anymore; now I just have to swing
I won't feel your absence no more
You won't even be my last resort
Now I'm alone in my own comfort
Driven into sadness with a shitty car
Almost like our probes were driven onto mars
Sadness let me wish upon the stars
Now I got a hat on my head
And a comfy blanket on my bed
And now I don't need to feel your dread
No more defense is necessary for me
I am content with my well being
As for you...fuck you and leave me

Seeing as I've been sitting in my corner
All alone, I won't invite you in. 
I don't need you. Never have never will. 
Just get all your shit and go. 

C: (x2)
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Retired Administrator

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Re: You know the drill

Post by Selrahc on Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:20 pm

Holy crap dude, that's fucking amazing. How do you do it...

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Re: You know the drill

Post by KarmaChameleon on Thu Aug 16, 2012 10:48 pm

wonderful as always. this one had a lot more feeling put into it, i can tell.


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Re: You know the drill

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