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Just something i Put together between songs

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Just something i Put together between songs

Post by Galvenite on Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:00 pm

My pride still feels the sting
You were my everything
I wanna live a thousand lives with you

God I've tried, am I lost in your eyes?
so I sit in my room
and I'll cry in my bed
I stumble fall down
to this puddle of my tears
laying here on the ground
with my last left single breath
I'll still be singing to you

When the end is getting closer
And the earth has burned the sky
Now repent 'cause it's all over
Just let me die
And I'm carried to the light
Now my heart is finally open
We know the price of sin
The sin of sacrifice
I know I'll sin again
But who can save me twice?
How much can we ask?
You'll get the answer first
How much can we kneel
With the air that chills the Earth?
The air keeps getting colder
My knees keep hitting dirt
The innocent can cry without the guilty getting hurt
You ask who you love, and you don't know, no, do you?
The spirit of God just passes right through you
You gave away heaven, handed right to you
Where do we go?
We go oh, Lord I don't know
Where we go?
We don't know
I don't,
Where do we go?

~Eric was here~

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