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News Roundup 13/2/14

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News Roundup 13/2/14

Post by Slizko on Thu Feb 13, 2014 9:53 pm

Today's Headlines

  • Facebook's gender selection improvements
  • Windows 8.X Reaches 200 Million sales
  • Moving Closer to Nuclear Fusion

Facebook's gender selection improvements
After 6 years, Facebook's Policy on account genders has finally changed.  Since it's inception, users who prefer to identify as different genders have criticized the two option system. No Longer is this an issue!  Users now can choose from a myriad of different options to suit their tastes.

Windows 8.X Reaches 200 Million sales
Like it says on the tin, Windows operating system has finally sold past the 200 million mark.  In the current market this lags behind windows 7, but can still be considered as a success by many.

Moving Closer to Nuclear Fusion

One step closer to a lofty goal of Nuclear power. In the NNSA (Not the NSA) NIF lab testing is closing on self sustaining Nuclear fusion.  The latest developments allow for gaining of power through the tests, instead of the past loss of power tests have experienced.  Although this breakthrough will be pushing forward the field, there is still much in the way of research until Nuclear power can become the industry standard.

This concludes the news of national note for 13/2/14. Thank you reading.

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