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December VK Newsletter

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December VK Newsletter

Post by Jess on Thu Dec 22, 2011 7:54 pm

December Newsletter

VK announcements

Hi there, everyone. This is your one (of two) administrators. I would just like to remind everyone, first of all, to read all the rules if you haven't already. Unless you want to learn the hard way, I suggest you read them now, or even a few times to get them into your head.

I made this website so that now instead of taking it straight into the forums, it takes you to the main page, and you see a few things before. I suggest you check it out.

Another thing is that I took the Self Harm and Suicide Sections off since the last newsletter. I will do a little explaining. I had to do this because of some liability issues that we are NOT capable of doing. I know, VirtualTeen has those sections. But to be honest, if you knew someone was suicidal, and you couldn't do something, what would happen? If they killed themselves and you knew, if you had a heart, I would sure as hell hope that that there is a good reason. But, since this is out of the way, my dear friend Derri, and other friend Carter have decided that they should take it into their hands to make a whole new website dedicated to that in particular. If you feel like you need help, when this site is launched in 2012.

A few more things to add, I believe since then, Kyle, our old Global Moderator stepped down, so congrats to SimplyTom for becoming the new Global Moderator. Also, Brooke (Yellow Ninja Monkey) is our newest moderator, so congrats to them.

As we come into our 3rd month open, and 73 members, with over 4000 messages I thank you all.

Mod Openings

There are no moderator openings at this time.

Ask Aaron (advice column)

Dear Aaron,
I like to run a lot, but I mostly do it in the morning because it isn't hot. Then I smell like BO the rest of the day. Is there anything you suggest that I could do without changing my routine?
Sweaty During School.

Dear SDS,

I understand what you are going through. I used to do the same thing. I even tried waking up, running, and THEN taking a shower. Maybe this is something you should try. If not, then you can go for your jog before night, when it isn't so hot.

Aaron Smile

Current Events

The last United States' troops leave Iraq, making the government of their country unsure of what will happen.
A terrible storm hit the Philippines Saturday, December 17, leaving many hearts broken and many were found dead.

and the main event.. what does russia think of Putin?

The fifth man in quick succession to be shoehorned into the job by an aging, drunk president with a single-figure approval rating, there seemed every reason to Russia's newly appointed prime minister as another stop-gap measure. But the grey blur that Russians saw being interviewed for the first time on television in August 1999, most of them for the first time,
would become one of the most important statesmen in their country's history. His demeanour would transition from awkward catatonia to the man who always has a wisecrack ready; from a greyish technocrat to a charismatic superman. It's a truism of modern politics that "you either have it or you don't". Vladimir Putin is the man who somehow managed to grow into it."The main problem we have is an absence of political stability," said Putin on arrival in office, a sentiment that would remain a leitmotif running through his decade in charge, even as the man himself changed beyond recognition. After a four-year interlude as prime minister, during which he was essentially still running the country, elections next March are almost certain to return Putin to the Kremlin.

~The Independent.

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