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Think Later, Not Now

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Think Later, Not Now

Post by hope4daworld on Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:04 pm

was sitting, knees bent, arms around her legs, as if she were hugging
them the way she wanted to hold him. As her close friend made a comment
of the short goodbye exchange, thoughts raced through her head. Why
didn’t he do it? Was he nervous? Was something wrong? Did he forget? As
her friend finished the notorious comment, she briskly uttered, “I’ll be
right back.” She jerked her body up as swiftly as she knew she could,
and dashed away towards the corner of the building. Rounding the corner,
he came into sight. If she kept this speed, she would be with him in a
matter of seconds. She emphatically bolted in his direction. As she got
within a few strides from him, he turned around. She eased her momentum
until she was standing in front of him, arms around his neck in a
genuine embrace. They stood there as she caught her breathe, and she
realized a quickened heartbeat. Only, it was not her own. She had
sprinted all the way to him, and his own heart was racing. “I can hear
your heartbeat, and it’s faster than mine.” He silently laughed. She dug
her face into his shoulder before looking up into his eyes. In a matter
of less than two seconds she had gone from her face feeling the warmth
of his chest, to looking into his deep, loving eyes, and then to feeling
the warmth of his lips on hers. It was their first kiss. It was long
waited for, longed for by both, and she was certain it was fireworks she
saw behind her slightly fluttering eyelids. Time stood still. She felt
that they were the only two in the world, and no one could reach the
understanding they now had. Nothing and no one could take him away from
her. Before she thought he could see the red flowing so effortlessly to
her cheeks, she held him tighter and hid her face in his shoulder
again. Feeling the warmth of his own body heat, breathing through her
nose to hide how nervous and stunned she was by what she had just done.
She held onto him gentle, but firm, careful to let go if needed, but not
wanting to leave the feeling of being intertwined with her one and only
love. She turned her head up once more and he responded with another
swift but soothing kiss, causing her to melt inside. She stood there,
head swimming, heart fluttering, and thoughts discontinued. They pulled
back into the hopefully never ending hug she had longed for so much. She
could barely move and almost lost her balance on the tip-toe stance she
had the whole time. She locked her loving gaze into his eyes once more
and regretfully said a soft goodbye. As they parted ways, she couldn't
keep herself from smiling. She bit her lip and hesitated to look back.
But couldn’t. And regrets not turning back once more to this very

Jeremiah 29:11
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