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Everything Comes Crashing Down

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Everything Comes Crashing Down

Post by Ninja Yellow Monkey on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:12 pm

First I hear a plop as a pebble hits the floor
Not sure where it has come from
Just knowing it's because of the wrong

The wrong that I have made
The pain that I have caused
Everything that I have done wrong

It's punishment
As another hits me
My head throbs a little
My eyes drip out a raindrop
My heart grows crack
And my soul lets out a moan

Then I hear rock falling to the ground
I swear I tried to change
I tried to correct my ugly ways

Then as the rock hits the floor
My head throbs a little more
My eyes cry out a rain storm
My heart gains a gap
And my soul screams a bit louder

Then I hear a boulder coming through the sky
I really tried to change
I tried to be who you thought I was

Then it bangs the floor
My head starts to throb
My eyes create a hurricane
My heart cracks completely off
And my soul screeched out
I should've changed

Finally, the mountain comes crashing down
I had given up all hope
I knew my life was over
So I just stopped trying anymore

All the pain I have caused
Will be no more
With me gone
With me out of the picture

I should have changed
I know I should have
But I didn't
So my life has lost all hope of even trying

"Don't get mad....Get Even!"  

You may think I am gone, Erased from memory, but the strange thing about Ninjas is that they ALWAYS seem to show up again!
Ninja Yellow Monkey
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