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True Beauty

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True Beauty

Post by Ninja Yellow Monkey on Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:42 pm

A knife cuts through my chest
As that word is spoken
With it's harsh
Cruel tones
Directed straight to me

I feel like the Grinch has settled down inside
As that word is shot straight at me
Like a bullet hitting it's mark
Cutting deep inside me

You may call me ugly
But you have missed the meaning
You have told me I'm a monster
And it made a little bit of my heart screech to a halt
Then shrivel and die inside me

Is something that settles in your heart
In your soul
And was put there by the devil

We all have a little monster in us
Taunting to do wrong

But me
I refuse
I decline that deadly option

I kill off that horrid green monster
I shove him aside
Because this is my life
Not his
Not yours

So next time I get called ugly
I will shoot it in the heart
I will kill that deadly monster
And I will throw it back to you
Because then that dumb old monster
Will be safely home

"Don't get mad....Get Even!"  

You may think I am gone, Erased from memory, but the strange thing about Ninjas is that they ALWAYS seem to show up again!
Ninja Yellow Monkey
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