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Post by Ninja Yellow Monkey on Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:28 pm

An arm grabs me and pulls me away
Takes me to a dark place
Where I am forever suppose to stay

I run away from it's grip
I tried to get away
But every turn I made
Was wrong
And I couldn't just turn around

It was coming after me
Claws made for destruction
Trying to get to me
Trying to steal me
Although no one cares

I run down passage ways
Each made like a spiderweb
With a never ending thread

I keep waiting
For that moment
When someone would come and save
But no one ever does
No one ever cares

I try to claw my way up the web
Up and out the top
But where's the top
Is there even one
Is there ever an end

I feel humiliated
Stuck in a book
With a never ending plot

Sometimes I truly wonder
If the darkness is made by me
Or by everyone around

I just want out
I want end
A movie worthy end
A time for me to get mt prize
For all the years this has cost me

The darkness has stolen my life
Turned it into a spiral
That just keeps spinning
I need out
I need help
But no one ever cares

"Don't get mad....Get Even!"  

You may think I am gone, Erased from memory, but the strange thing about Ninjas is that they ALWAYS seem to show up again!
Ninja Yellow Monkey
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1000 posts!

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