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Worse Can Happen

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Worse Can Happen

Post by Ninja Yellow Monkey on Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:47 pm

Things could be worse
You may not think so
But they could be

Just think...

You're mad that you're parents don't get along
Some people don't have any parents

You don't have the latest game
Some people can't afford a house

You may think you're parents don't love you
But truth is
They do
They couldn't live without you
You're their child

There are so many things
That people complain about
And I am done hearing it

There are worse things that could be happening
Worse things you could be going through
You need to treasure what you have
You need to treasure what you have been through

YOU need to stand strong
Take charge
Son't let anything take you down

Instead of complaining
Or whining

Because everything happens for a reason
Maybe to make you stronger
Why complain
When this is your only life

BE strong
Don't get mad about every little thing

"Don't get mad....Get Even!"  

You may think I am gone, Erased from memory, but the strange thing about Ninjas is that they ALWAYS seem to show up again!
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