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A few suggestions

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A few suggestions

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 05, 2012 12:19 pm

Here are a few suggestions

Could we lock the announcement section so no one other than mods and admins can post in it? As the only person who needs to is admins and mods and if a regular member needs to post in that section then they can request to.

Also the welcome message

Welcome to Virtual Kid! I hope you enjoy your stay here. You may not have PM's until you have 15 posts! Thanks!

Could we maybe have this more welcoming and informative maybe with a bit of background to the site maybe a link to where the rules are, also mention other restrictions such at the inability to post a link until you are X amount of days old.

Also could we add if you feel the need to ask questions go here (questions for the higher powers) or contact me....

Also a not on the forum image

We have the moderators of each area correct? then under some we have a small description? Well in the help section for puberty there is no description for teen sexuality no description and then depression there is? Looks a little odd

The What the heck section has a description does not then the everything section else does not a part from the last 2 threads.

Also we could add a description to the diary request section

Just a few things


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Re: A few suggestions

Post by KarmaChameleon on Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:20 pm

Hey Derri. I think these are very nice suggestions.

I am going to lock the forum of Rules and Announcements.

Also the welcome message

Yeah, I sure can make it more informative, but I don’t want to make to too long and not really legible because I just feel that if I were new to a site, and I saw a brick of words, I would put it off until I forget it.

To be honest, I forgot to put descriptions of the other forums. I have a long checklist of things to do tonight. Smile I’ll get crackin after school.


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