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A HUGE announcement.

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A HUGE announcement.

Post by KarmaChameleon on Mon Jan 09, 2012 2:47 pm

Hello everyone!

At approximately 5-5:30 pm (Eastern US time) our forums will be under construction, therefore no members can post. I will be making a podcast on the rules, that will include video instruction, which may take some time. One thing to remember is that I will be posting things and deleting them as soon as I am done recording the podcast. I am doing so because I do not want things to be shown, as I will explain a few things by breaking the rules. If I do comment on a thread of yours, and it is not positive reinforcement, please do not take it personally, because I mean no harm. Double posts will be made by me, and a few other things. I will explain moderators and global moderators in a sense that is easy to understand, and hopefully things will be all good. IF I DO FORGET TO ERASE SOMETHING, please report it, and a moderator will be able to erase this.

You can still be in the chat box. I will be explaining a few things about the chatbox also, so, if I do talk to you, make sure you keep it positive, and make sure that you (once again) take anything personally. I will have two members begin a fight, and I don’t want anyone stepping in but maybe a moderator. I will make these people aware of who they are. I will end up kicking one, and banning the other, but I will un-ban the one later.

The point of this podcast is to show everyone the forums all together, and to explain what a few important things are for.

Thanks for reading!


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