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Post by Ninja Yellow Monkey on Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:51 pm

I feel as if I am in a desert
Going through numerous illusions

Billboards hang on high-rising scrapers
Telling stories of the impossible

Cameras flash like a lightning storm
As they capture untrue tales

I walk through this never ending fable
With fake illusions trying to drag me in
Unfortunately I am not buying

I hear tales of people I don't know
Who apparently have gigantic egos
Although all I see are ordinary people

We idolize people we think are "popular"
We push others away

We thrive on the impossible
We gnaw on gossip and drama

This world is fake
This world is prosthetic

Lost in untrue fables

"Don't get mad....Get Even!"  

You may think I am gone, Erased from memory, but the strange thing about Ninjas is that they ALWAYS seem to show up again!
Ninja Yellow Monkey
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