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Relationship and Dating FAQ

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Relationship and Dating FAQ

Post by KarmaChameleon on Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:57 pm

Welcome to the Relationship and Dating Section!

In this message, I will be giving you some explanations that you might need to help get along with dating. A few tips could go a whole long way. So here are a few things that I would try to tell you.

-How would I do it?
Well, you should really try to be original. Don’t do it in a creepy kind of way, but really try to not write a note, saying “If you like me check yes or no.” That is very lame, and girls might just overlook that. You might buy her a flower, or a box of chocolates, or something that they like. Try not to be TOO stingy.

-What’s the point in dating if you might not get married?
Well, that is a good question. You have to marry someone, and with 7 billion people in the world, there are bound to be many people that you could fall in love with. At this stage, you might be able to tell if you really love them, or if you just like them, or lust. You might as well date around, to see if it is love, lust, and how real love is. It also
helps to see what your likes and dislikes are. You are most likely not going to marry the first person you date, so get out there!

-How do I know if it is love?
Only you can be the judge of that. You are the only person who can tell if you really love that person, because it may seem that you love them, andyou really don’t, or vice verca. Love is different for everyone. One ofmy best friends describes it as “that feeling you used to get when you were little and your mom or dad gave you a hug.” I do not believe that love can be described like that for me.

-Why is love so complicated?
Love can’t be great all the time, can it? That’s why it is called love. Loveis like gravity. No matter how many opposing forces are trying to push it out of the way, it is still held together.

-Breaking up.
Breaking up is very hard to do. Some people think that you automatically have to hate someone just because they broke up with you. Breaking up is natural, because things need to move on. At the end of the day, you most likely learned some new things in that relationship, that made all the heartbreak, fights, love, and just about everything else worth it. I, personally take it personal, when it isn’t always supposed to be.

-Can me and my ex still be friends?
That would be up to you and the other person. Really try not to let the dating and the breaking up get in the way of anything. You two should have had a healthy friendship before you started dating, so try to keep
it like that.

-How do I know when to kiss the other person?
Like above, that’s up to you and the other. Most times, it just happens naturally. You never really can tell when that special moment happens, it just will.

***still in progress. any other questions please be sent to me in a pm.***


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