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Chat updated.

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Chat updated.

Post by KarmaChameleon on Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:12 am

Hello, in this tutorial you will learn how to install the latest
version of a newly named line of chat boxes known as FMChat. This
chatbox has some special new features:

  • Ability to increase/decrease font size
  • A new drop down list within the chatbox that helps you with BBCode and Chatbox Commands.
  • Silent
    updates - Silent updates is me updating FMChat without you having to do
    anything. You will know if the chatbox has been updated if the version
    of the title in the chat changes from the last time you saw it. For
    the latest updates, in the chat box type in /updates and a list will
    appear! This list will be updated every time it updates.

  • This chatbox is for all versions
  • A
    "Chatbox Inbox". Access this inbox by typing /inbox into the message
    box. A box should appear containing your live inbox on your site.
  • A
    "Chatbox Clipboard". This clipboard can be access by typing /copy into
    the message box. A box should appear above the chat with a text area.
    Inside the text area contains the current chat's messages. This can be
    used for record keeping and etc.
  • An FMChat Quick PM feature.
    This feature allows you to PM any member live from FMChat. To access
    this feature type /newpm in the message box.
  • A logout
    command. Typing /logout in the chatbox will log you out from the forum
    and the chatbox. You must also confirm that you wish to log out.
  • An
    FMChat Report feature. Typing /report in the chat will call up a box
    of which you must enter the username of the user you wish to send the
    report to. You can choose an administrator or even a moderator. This
    sends the entire chat conversation to that user.
  • An FMChat
    Quick Search feature. This feature allows you to search the forum's
    posts and topics. This form can be called by typing /search in the chat.
  • All of the FMChat commands can be viewed by typing /cmd into the message box.

/updatesCalls the list of updates for the latest version of FMChat.
/cmdCalls the list of commands for the latest version of FMChat.
/copyCalls the copy-friendly version of the messages within the chat at the time when the command was called.
/inboxCalls the "Chatbox Inbox" feature of FMChat. View your actual forum inbox live from any page.
/newpmCalls the "FMChat Quick PM" feature of FMChat. PM any member from any page through FMChat.
/logoutLogs you out of the forum and the chat.
/reportCalls the "FMChat Report" feature of FMChat. Report the current chat to the user you specify in the username box.
/searchCalls the "FMChat Quick Search" feature of FMChat. Search the topics and posts right from the chatbox.

once this happens, send to a mod who is online, and they will review the chat.


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