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March Newsletter

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March Newsletter

Post by KarmaChameleon on Sun Mar 11, 2012 7:24 pm

VirtualKid Newsletter


Hello, VirtualKid!

are you all doing? It's nice to know that this site is taking off. I
would like to tell you that lots of things have changed. But, one thing
we all know is that we are growing. 10,000 messages!

If you are wondering about the Fun Zone, it is only going to be gone for a bit, seeing how the site will be without it.

Our newest writer starting this month will be "Hutch" and he will write the news column.

Good bye Kyle. You did a great job. Which reminds me of a mod position opened. See the openings section for further notice.


Your news, today.
UVA students protest for staff salary increase

from the University of Virginia started protesting earlier this month
to try to change the staffs' salary. Each staff at UVA makes an average
of about $7.50 per hour. The students are protesting to try to change
the staffs' pay from $7.50 to $13, living wage. Living wage means the
amount of money that is all that is needed to live. Some students quote,
"We won't eat until some changes are made to the staffs' pay." Several
students have gone over ten days without eating.

3 dead after shooting in Ohio high school
February 27, Monday, a high school student from Chardon, Ohio pulls out
a .22 cal. and a knife. The 17 year old starts firing shots in the
cafeteria. The students that he shot were chosen at random, it was not
an act of bullying. Two students were shot and injured on Monday, two
died on the day of the shooting. Just yesterday, another was announced

North Korea Halts Nuke Program for food

Korea has agreed to a moratorium on long-range missile launches,
nuclear tests and uranium enrichment in exchange for food,
to U.S. officials and the North Korean press agency. The deal is aiming
at the U.S stopping North Korea's nuke program all together. In
exchange for the moratorium, the U.S will send 240,000 metric tons of
food aid to North Korea. The document came to an agreement after 2
months after Kim Jong Il's death.


Ask Aaron!

Hey Aaron,
I really don't like this girl. She is constantly following me
around. I just don't want to make her upset, but I don't want her to
follow me everywhere. What should I do?

Dear Annoyed,
Looks like someone likes you! The best way to do this would to be
not to let her down, although, sometimes that is just want you need to
do. You need to talk to her face to face, and ask her what is going on
with her following you around. Tell her that you are getting a bit
annoyed. Try to be gentle.

HEY GUYS! If you have something that you would like to ask me, write me at ""


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