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Amour De Exilo (PART II)

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Amour De Exilo (PART II)

Post by LigerMan007 on Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:33 pm

Amor de Exilo(part II)

oh my love you escape , to my heart you are beauty out of my clash , my inner burn

is for you and yet i am exiled , my heart is bowl of roses and is burned with the fire

my polyamours friend has left me again in the dirt which i will drudge up with my

last remains and with all i have to see your face again , to see your smile of gold as

my decadence rise my love will also as the world fades my love will stand ,

although i lay out side of your heart i wish this feeling mutual with to you my love
will be forever …

i love you for your difference of heart

i love you for your way cause their not like mine

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