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105th floor ( poem)

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105th floor ( poem)

Post by LigerMan007 on Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:50 pm

105th floor

i was in the colossus as the beasts came in

i came that day unknown that it would be my last

to the end i told them through the smoke and flames that this was our last war in this life

my story is unknown to the masses but is spoken during masses

my legacy will live on

on the 105th floor my life came falling down and my walls caved in on themselves, there, 100 men

and women herd my song and responded

only through a call on a telephone did my song get herd , in tears he committed him self and told

the wife and kids to not worry ,

on the 104th floor the demons flew in

my mind raced as my fate was sealed ,my destiny chosen my heart was not one of rage or hate but

of love and compassion

i cried out with my last moments to the lost sheep and brought them in

i pray that you could hear my song to and respond as well....



                                                 "My heart is broke , but I have some glue"
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