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New VirtualKid Policy

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New VirtualKid Policy

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:06 am

Hi VK Members

Ever herd the saying. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".
We we are implementing our own saying "What happens in VK stays in VK"

This mean you aren't allowed to post or talk outside of vk about anything are members have posted.

So for example if you new someone who was here for help. You do not have a go at them. Even if they are friends or relatives.
Also do not post things up about users on any social networking site.

Users come on here for a nice safe haven. Not to be put down. We all need to learn about this because it is truly unfair on our users. It hard lesson to learn and I only learnt that recently but be aware that this policy stands and if broken may result in warnings, infractions and possibly even a ban.

This is a community we do not discourage users, we help them
And to be quite honest, this is not new at all. this has always been around. simply a reminder to all that WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

~VirtualKid Staff

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