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ANNOUNCEMENT PLEASE READ-- Due to the overwhelming amount of new members...

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ANNOUNCEMENT PLEASE READ-- Due to the overwhelming amount of new members...

Post by KarmaChameleon on Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:40 pm

I believe I should explain a few things.

We are not to talk about why were banned. Period. This is confidential. If you feel that you were banned for a bad reason, pm I have said this many times. If you ever do talk about your ban, it must be off of the forum. Staff are not allowed to give out information about members and their banned reasons. Of course they know, but that is not something to ask them.

We don't talk about members. Especially in a public chat. I have read some pretty disturbing things there about members that I wish I wouldn't have known. Please keep the gossip either in a pm, off the site, or just don't do it. All members are equal.

Do not get on VirtualKid during school for long periods of time. This means longer than 30 seconds. The staff may have a few exceptions but that is because they have a job. I would prefer if we wouldn't get on at all. I know, it's a wonderful site, and it's fantastic to chat and everything, but we need to remember that the office watches us. Now we have two Plymouth people as administrators who have been told to keep the site appropriate. Adults appropriate and teen's appropriate is always different. Please do not get Sarah and I in trouble by getting caught.


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