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Puberty Rules for both Boys & Girls

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Puberty Rules for both Boys & Girls

Post by Sapphire on Sun May 06, 2012 1:05 am

These are the rules for both Boys & Girls' Puberty forum. The regular rules are to be followed along with these:

1. Don't bump older threads, as the original poster may not need the help anymore. Only the OP can bump his or her own thread. The limit for bumping is two months.
2. Don't multi-post. That's why there is an edit button. Use it instead of double posting.
3. Do not share techniques for masturbation or stories. There are websites that share techniques, and we dont want erotic material here. We would like to keep this site moderately clean.
4. Do not ask if other people feel that these threads are used for erotica. This is NOT our purpose.
5. If you can't contribute to a topic, don't post in it. It will be considered as spam.

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