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Post by Guest on Sun May 13, 2012 3:11 pm

Recently VK has done a number of mini upgrades. Nothing spectacular however, they do look nice.

First of all we have a stylish new like button. This button is designed just as a friendly sort of thank you. You can see if your post is liked however you don't get to see by who. It's just there as something cheerful.

We have added a log out box as well. This is just something to prevent accidental log outs.

Friend Request Notifications are back up and running after a slight technical hitch.

The Visitor Message Notification has been added. Just hit close when you see the pop up and then visit your VM section to see the VM. To choose the choice of VM options go to your profile---preferences--scroll down until you see Visitor Message and choose your options from that point on.

We have also added a pop up chat. This chat does not work well with Internet Explorer. If you cannot use the pop up chat then go to the box down the bottom, these chats are integrated so if you are in the pop up chat or in the fixed one at the bottom you get the messages from both, it's all in one.

Any problems pm Silver Assassin

~Virtual Kid Staff.


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Re: Upgrades~13/5/2012

Post by KarmaChameleon on Sun May 13, 2012 10:45 pm

I liked it. Wink


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